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7 ultimate natural health tips to combat diabetes type 2!

Diabetes Type 2 is a chronic health ailment brought about by a bad lifestyle that leads to a slowdown of the metabolism and eventually doesn’t allow the body to process sugar properly. This results in elevated sugar levels and can lead to further health issues as the body is prone to infection and has a weak immune system. Problems such as blindness, amputation of limbs and failure of vital organs are eventual results of unmanaged type 2 diabetes.

The question that remains is whether diabetes type 2 can be reversed or managed and how does one go about achieving this in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. While allopathic medicines are normally prescribed, diabetes type 2 can also be managed with a healthy diet, exercise and natural wellness products.

The benefit of going with natural wellness products is that you address the root cause of the problem and help your body fix itself rather than relying on an external source of insulin to do the work. Elaborating on this, we have listed out the ultimate health tips for you to combat type 2 diabetes!

Tip 1: Consume Mango Leaves

Mango leaves offer amazing health benefits and are rich in vitamins as well as help burn belly fat. For someone suffering from diabetes type 2, the benefit of consuming mango leaves is that it doesn’t allow the body to convert glycogens into glucose thus aiding in stabilizing sugar levels and preventing sugar spikes. The fact that is also aids in weight loss is an added extra as reducing your weight also helps your body react faster and speed up the metabolism thus helping drive natural insulin release.

Pro tip: Ayura Origins sells pure mango leaf powder packaged as Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix. This natural wellness drink is the best way to start your day.

Tip 2: Drink Costus Igneus

Costus Igneus, also known colloquially as the Insulin Plant is a godsend for those who are looking at a natural solution to combat type 2 diabetes. The active ingredient in the plant has the ability to rejuvenate the beta cells in the pancreas thus promote healthy insulin release in the body. As a treatment for type 2 diabetes, Costus Igneus has shown positive results in numerous lab experiments and it has also been used as a traditional remedy for high sugar by ayurvedic practitioners as well.

Pro tip: Ayura Origins sells pure Costus Igneus power packaged as Nature’s Diabetes Fix. Consume this natural wellness drink 2 times daily for best results.

Tip 3: Drink Black Tea

Tea’s medicinal properties are now common knowledge, but what a lot of diabetics don’t know is that tea also has the ability to control sugar spikes. Having a cup of simple plain black tea about 30 minutes before your bed time can do wonders in helping you control your sugar.

Tip 4: Stop all sugar

This might seem like a no-brainer to most people, however it is actually a lot tougher than you think. The easy part is stopping all direct sugar intake such as sugared tea or coffee and desserts. You also have to stop honey, jaggery or palm sugar. Despite the fact that they are a healthier option for those who like sweets, for a diabetic, they are a strict no-no.

The tricky part comes in with hidden sugars in food such as Chinese cuisine, biscuits and some breads that uses a lot of sugar in their preparation. Speaking of which, avoid tomato ketchup as that is all-sugar too! Keep a keen eye out on what preparations could potentially have used a sweetener and stay away.

Tip 5: Watch what you eat

Controlling your sugar levels requires a dedicated diet plan. Stop all junk food, stay away from carb-rich diets such as bread, parathas, roti and rice. Potatoes are also worth avoiding and should be indulged in only rarely if absolutely missed!  It is also advisable to avoid fried foods as you also want to reduce your weight while combating type 2 diabetes.

Find suitable substitutes for each and it makes life a lot easier. Try ragi, fermented rice dishes (idli, dosa) and millets as they are good for you. If you enjoy bread, look for homemade breads that are baked with no sugar and are rich in fibres, or you can try making them yourself as well!

Tip 6: Get that sugar fix naturally!

Giving up sugar is tough. Your body has built up a need for it and when you do stop consuming sugar, you will find yourself craving it like nothing else! To give your mind and body that kick, eat fruits, but in moderation. Fruit sugars break down fast in the body as they are easy to digest. A common myth is that fruits such as Sapota (cheeku), Mango and Grapes aren’t good for diabetics, but the truth is that you can eat all of them – just keep the intake to a minimum, don’t binge on them!

Tip 7: Exercise

Now that you are working towards a healthier lifestyle and are fixing your diet to aid in boosting your metabolism, the final piece of the puzzle is daily exercise. A 45-min to 1-hour workout at least 5 times a week will do wonders for your health. By burning calories faster, your body will start responding to the change and will allow for better sugar control as well.

Get Regular Check Ups

The need for regular check-ups is paramount. Your body is going through a change and you are working towards controlling your sugar levels. This needs to be monitored at minimum on a weekly basis so that you can adapt and steer the course of your natural treatment accordingly. The reports are the perfect guide to tell you if you are doing things right or if you have ignored certain elements of your natural health course during the week. Use each report as motivation to get through the week and better the results as you go along!



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