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Can diabetes be reversed

Can Type-2 diabetes be reversed or cured?

Type -2 diabetes is a health problem that stems from a sedate lifestyle. Your body still produces insulin, however you have managed to develop a high resistance to it, which leads to the increase in blood sugar levels. For a lot of people there are no symptoms, but you have to pay attention to your body and keep an eye out for small changes such as unnatural weight loss, increase in thirst or even and increase in the frequency of urination. You might feel more tired than normal, get that lazy feeling or even have a heavy head at times. It shouldn’t cause you to panic, rather you should go in for a proper blood sugar test and then take a corrective course to get your health back on track.

For those who do get diagnosed with type -2 diabetes, it is important to remember that this is a health issue that you brought upon yourself by your current lifestyle. The good news is that the effects can be reversed. That is right, it is possible to get rid of type-2 diabetes.

Make the change

When you first hear that you have been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes it might feel like the end of the world, but it is far from that. Think of it as an early reminder to get your life back on track and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. Major changes include giving up on all things sweet. No desserts, cold drinks, juices or binging on fruits either. Beware of hidden sugars like what you find in your favourite Chinese chicken gravy or those scrumptious honey potatoes. Speaking of which, you also need to cut your carbs and greatly reduce the intake of wheat, rice, Maida and potatoes. Last but not the least, get active. Stop sitting around and get busy working up a sweat. Type-2 diabetes is directly related to your metabolism and by getting active you can give your metabolism a boost. If you do drink alcohol, you can enjoy a drink or two occasionally, however in the initial period of trying to get your sugar levels down, don’t tempt fate and give liquor a rest for a few weeks.

It is easier said than done

You’ve been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and are now looking at getting better. You’ve started out with changes to your diet and added exercise to your routine. The challenge is about falling off your new lifestyle and going on a binge spree. This is where you have to have control and remember that you are doing all these changes in order to actually bring about a major change in your health. Whenever you feel like experimenting with food or skipping a workout, remind yourself that type-2 diabetes is a gateway problem to a lot of other serious health ailments such as stroke, kidney failure and even cancer. You are making these changes, not only to control your sugar levels but to avoid further complications in the future. Keep a diary of what you eat and do each day. Keep tabs on your weight as well.

The art of reversing type-2 diabetes

With changes to your diet and regular exercise, you have already taken the big steps towards reversing type-2 diabetes. If you are on allopathic medicines, your doctor will automatically start reducing the dosage as they witness your body recovering, however to come back to absolute normal levels in a healthy way and without the dependence on medicines, you can look at two exceptional products that are making big waves in type-2 diabetes care, namely Mango Leaf Tea and Insulin Tea.

The Mango Leaf is a potent natural product that has so many health benefits and should be a regular part of your diet. It is rich in vitamins, reduces belly fat, and prevents glycogens from converting into glucose thus allowing your body to retain better sugar levels and it also prevents sugar shock if you end up eating something wrong with a high GI. Mango Leaf Tea is essentially a dried powder of the leafs and has to be had as the first drink in the morning. The effects of drinking this tea are visible within weeks. You will feel more energetic, fresh and also notice that belly fat melting away. It is a tea that you can continue having long after your sugar levels return to normal and can be your secret sauce to a healthy lifestyle.

Insulin Tea is essentially the dried powder of the Costus Igneus leaf. This plant has a proven record of being able to rejuvenate the beta cells in the pancreas thus allowing for better insulin release in the body. Over a period of time, your beta cells return to normal functioning and your blood sugar levels stay well within the healthy range. Insulin Tea is a breakthrough product in natural type-2 diabetes reversal and numerous studies have been carried out that yield positive results. Rooted in traditional Ayurveda, Costus Igneus Insulin Tea is a boon for type-2 diabetics across the globe and has the potential to completely reverse the problem and bring you back into the pink of health.

The final tip to keeping type-2 diabetes at bay

Remember that you brought this health ailment upon yourself by leading a sedate lifestyle, eating wrong and eventually slowing your metabolism down while also gaining weight. You’ve taken the necessary precautions by cutting out sugar from your diet, exercising and adding healthy herbal supplements such as Mango Leaf Tea and Insulin Tea to your daily diet. In about 6-8 months, you will see that you have effectively reversed type-2 diabetes and are not a diabetic any longer. It is a time to celebrate, however remember this is no reason to go back to your older lifestyle just because you beat the problem. Stick to a healthier lifestyle to keep type-2 diabetes and other health ailments at bay.



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