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What is Natural Wellness

Understanding Natural Wellness

At AYURA ORIGINS we believe in natural wellness in order to live a healthy and ailment free life. There is a lot of good that can be found in plants that allow us to achieve this goal and our research has led to the creation of our product range that addresses specific chronic ailments and alleviates the symptoms in order grant you a fulfilling life.

What is natural wellness?

Natural Wellness can be defined as a process or choice taken by an individual to lead a healthy lifestyle without the dependency on allopathic drugs. It is a lifestyle choice that allows you to harness the potential of natural resources to lead a fulfilling life while keeping disease and illness at bay.

Is natural wellness a new concept?

Natural Wellness isn’t a new concept. Remember when you mother told you to eat your greens? Or the simple fact that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy? These are all natural wellness concepts that have been proven time and time again as must-does for a healthy lifestyle. While the common natural wellness solutions are part of our everyday lives, we at AYURA ORIGINS have delved into identifying more such plants that help address chronic ailments. Take for example our Insulin Tea made from the Costus Igneous plant that reinvigorates the beta cells in your pancreas to allow for healthy insulin release or our Natural BP Fix that harnesses the goodness of tomatoes and garlic to allow you to benefit from the naturally present lycopene and allicin in them to lower your blood pressure.

Why natural wellness is important

Looking at how we lead our lives, it is extremely difficult to achieve holistic health as we are surrounded by stress caused by our workplace, pollution, congestion and the ever changing environment. While we work hard to achieve our personal goals, health has taken a backseat for many and this is one of the leading causes of illness in today’s day and age. Ask any doctor and they will blame stress as the leading cause of many chronic ailments; from heart attacks to diabetes type 2, the root remains the same. In order to live a life that is free from illness without having to make a dynamic change, it is easier to include changes to your diet that can help address specific health issues and build up your resilience on this front. This is where our range of natural wellness products come in. After all, we offer you goodness of nature in a cup!

Go healthy…naturally!

Traditional Ayurveda finds its roots in natural wellness and it is a science that works. Instead of just alleviating the symptoms, this holistic health approach has been designed to focus on the whole body and rejuvenate key body parts in order to combat an illness or strengthen it to avoid future illnesses. Science has already proved that by keeping your cholesterol and BP low, it aids in heart health, or that iron helps improve your haemoglobin count. Instead of popping pills, you can find these the answers in natural resources, so why put your body through the strain of chemicals when the answer could very well be lying in your kitchen!

To make it easier, AYURA ORIGINS offers a series of natural wellness products that cater to a variety of chronic health issues such as Diabetes Care, Liver Care, Kidney Care, Weight Loss Care, Joint Care, Haemoglobin Care, Hypertension Care, Cholesterol Care and Gut Care. After all, we want you to go healthy naturally!

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